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The Law Office of Henry J. Kulakowski, Jr. is dedicated to providing ethical, sophisticated and comprehensive estate planning services for individuals and their families. We design and implement appropriate plans for the preservation and disposition of family assets and values. We utilize estate planning techniques that are designed to avoid the probate process, reduce taxes, protect assets, preserve family wealth and promote harmony and certainty among family members and heirs. We offer highly personalized and sophisticated estate planning and wealth transfer services to accommodate the needs of our clients, from large estates to those which are more modest. We listen carefully to fully understand each client’s particular family needs and objectives.

We recognize that estate planning is an intensely personal experience and deals with matters of life, death, dignity, property and family, and the legal and emotional issues which surround these matters. We will therefore take the time necessary to really listen and understand your needs and goals and your family and property issues and we’ll explain the laws and your options so that you can properly design and fully understand your estate plan. We will make this process very manageable, by guiding you through each step.

We approach estate planning as an opportunity to help our clients take stock of their lives and to take control in deciding how and when to share their legacy with those they love and those charities that are meaningful to them.

Our firm prides itself in its attention to the individual needs of our clients.

Just as no two families are the same, so too no two estate plans are the same. Each plan is custom-designed to reflect the beliefs, values, needs and goals of each client.

We work with our clients to design personalized plans that reflect their own unique situation, while putting our knowledge and experience to work for their benefit. The result of such thoughtful planning is an estate plan that works. Our plans promote harmony within the family and provide a lasting legacy that will continue to reflect our clients' values and ideals for generations to come.

We believe in taking the “team approach” to estate planning. We encourage involvement of our clients’ professional advisors, and invite them to bring those advisors to our conferences. We strive to strengthen those professional relationships. We recognize that estate planning is an ongoing lifetime process since families, estates and the law will change and evolve over time. We are dedicated to making sure our clients’ estate plans evolve with them.

Our clients want to provide the best planning for their families so that the burdens of incapacity and death are controlled and minimized. They are motivated by doing what is best for themselves and their loved ones, and they seek the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they have the most comprehensive estate planning possible. We strive to help our clients understand that the foundation of the service we provide is not just saving tax dollars, but also appreciating the value of comprehensive, thoughtful planning for themselves and their loved ones.

Henry J. Kulakowski, Jr.
Attorney at Law
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